About Us

 Firstly, the name Trillia! We are three longtime friends from Wrentham, Massachusetts who were brought together through our love of gardening. We love the Trillium flower: it has three white petals which change to a beautiful pink/purple as the blossom ages.  Notice the Theme of Three?  After careers and raising families we were at a point to explore a third chapter in our lives. We like to think we’re exploring the pink stage of the Trillium! We became more and more disheartened in learning what was in commercial soap, so we ventured out to make our own. After years of studying the process of soap making, developing countless recipes, and testing them on friends and family, we feel we have found the perfect blend of ingredients.  We hope you enjoy the many benefits of the nose-tingling, skin loving, cleansing experience that you will get from using our products!

Beth, Lee & Martha